Giving Back

New York Cares

I have been a Team Leader with NYC for over a year and teach after-school programs such as Young Author’s Club for 4th graders and also taught a Bedtime Stories summer session for K-1 at PS164 for the Boys & Girls Club.   I have also been involved in doing a lot for animal shelters in the NY area. I have truly enjoyed working with everyone from this organization!


Sing For Hope

I was added to the roster of Singers/Songwriters in 2010 and I sing acapella bedside once a month at NYC Hospitals but mainly at NYU Langone Medical Center for Joint Diseases.  I usually join local Broadway Stars and Opera Singers for each session and it’s a true pleasure to hear and be involved with such amazing talent.  I am honored to give back in this way and to see the joy on the patients faces is a true joy.


Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

In March 2010, I lost a very dear friend of mine, Nadia Dickinson, to Ovarian Cancer.  My friends and I were putting together a fundraiser for alternative healing and a week before the event, she lost her 6 year battle with cancer.  I had written a song for Nadia to perform for her at the fundraiser, and the song was ultimately released on iTunes and proceeds go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. The video is a slideshow of Nadia as well as information on how to prevent and know the signs of this silent killer.

As women, we need to pay attention to our bodies and  ask for the proper tests from our doctors.  Nadia was misdiagnosed, and we don't want to lose any more of our loved ones if we can help it! This cause is also very special to me as I lost my Aunt Nancy to Ovarian Cancer in 2006 and it rocked our family the core. I will continue to promote awareness about this type of cancer and do my best to lift everyone's spirits with a positive message through my music.

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Relay for Life Cancer Society Event

I was contacted by Jennifer Howes in New Hampshire who found me on Facebook  and asked me to sing "I Am Here To Stay (Nadia's Song)" at  her fundraiser Relay for Life on June 1st , 2012. I had the most amazing warm welcome singing my song while leading Caregivers & Survivors around the track.

I was also honored to meet the President of the Cancer Society and  I stayed to help Jennifer and her family out for the rest of the evening and did the relay with them as well.  It was truly an awesome experience.    It was also amazing how many people knew of me and my song!!!

Relay For Life of Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee


TEAM X-T.R.E.M.E Community Athlete/ Natianal Anthem Performance 6/9/12

I joined forces with this organization this year and was asked to Sing the National Anthem for over 3,000 people at the XTERRA Event on June 9th, 2012 also running with the team in the 10K RACE!  I drove all the way to Virginia to participate and be a part of this incredible event. I must tell you that

It changed my life on so many levels.  We all need to do more to support our wounded war veterans who have fought for our country.   The dedication, drive and pure integrity is what I witnessed that weekend in June and I will never forget!!!

View on Facebook: Sarah Mattea rendition of national anthem


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - NYC Chapter / National Anthem Perfromance ( 9/22/12)

I sang the National Anthem at the "Light the Night" Walk on September 22nd in Forest Hills, NY for over 2,000 people. My dear friend Maria Sacchietti has been cancer free since August 2011 and I loved supporting her in her fundraiser! Another reminder of how awesome it is when people come together doing positive things to help others!