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This website was created to give you a clear view of what my 3 PASSIONS are... Music, Fitness and most importantly Giving Back. It is my mission to use my talents, gifts and abilities to make a difference in this world , be a role model for young women and create a forum for guidance and support. I hope you all enjoy life to the fullest... find YOUR passion... be good to yourselves and be the light you wish to see in the world. Namaste.

"Love is the spiritual essence of what we do. Technique is the manifestation of the preparation and investment as a result of the love." — Wynton Marsalis (to a Young Jazz Musician)



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I am a Certified Personal Trainer since 1998. For training sessions & coaching feel free to contact me for a personalized session! Having been an athlete my whole life, I can teach you what you need to know about proper training techniques and how to train SMARTER not HARDER. more »


Giving Back

I joined forces with this organization this year and was asked to Sing the National Anthem for over 3,000 people at the XTERRA Event on June 9th, 2012 also running with the team in the 10K RACE! more »

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Conversation Piece Angels Project

“It’s No Secret!  We’ll give you something to talk about!”

It’s Life Coaching with Design & Support... read more »


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